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5 CBD Hacks For Your Everyday Life

By now, you have heard of CBD oil and the various ways it can improve your quality of life. In case you are still unclear, CBD is made from the leaves of hemp plants. Unlike THC, it does not produce any type of mind-altering state. Instead, CBD releases chemicals in your brain that create a wave of calm and clarity throughout your body.


One of the most popular uses for CBD Oil is to reduce stress and anxiety. That is a great start and very valuable, but CBD can do so much more for you on a daily basis. Here are 5 CBD hacks for your everyday life.


#1 - Add It To Your Food

Everyone has to eat multiple times a day to survive. Furthermore, chances are high your daily routine includes drinks such as coffee, shakes, and teas. Thousands of everyday people have reported adding CBD oil to their food. This is an easy way to integrate CBD into your life without having to change anything.


You are not adding another step to your morning routine or forcing yourself to remember one more task before you go to bed.


The easiest way to accomplish this is by simply adding a couple of drops of CBD oil to your morning or evening coffee, shake, or tea. It is essential to start slow and not add too many drops too quickly. It would be best if you allowed your body to get used to this new supplement and give it time to adjust. The last thing you need is your body being taken off guard, and thinking CBD is something it needs to defend against. In addition to drinks, CBD oil can be baked right into the batter of your favorite sweets.


There is nothing better than ending a long day with a delicious brownie infused with calming ingredients of CBD.


#2 - Recover Faster From Working Out

We have all experienced this type of situation. We motivate ourselves to go to the gym, we have a great workout, and then we are tired and sore for what feels like days. The result is that we end up skipping the gym for fear of feeling this way again.


Quickly, we are back in our old routine and forced to start all over again. This happens because our bodies experience pain and inflammation as a part of the recovery process. Believe it or not, studies show that it can take between 48 to 72 hours to recover from just one work out. Luckily for you, CBD oil has provided a solution.


One of the many benefits CBD provides is pain relief. In terms of working out, CBD can significantly decrease recovery time and reduce pain and stiffness. For these types of results, it is best to apply a CBD based topical cream.


CBD cream can be bought online or over the counter and easily used in the morning and evening. To maximize the impact of the cream, apply it after taking a hot shower when your pores are open and can absorb it quickly.


#3 - Put It Into Your Humidifier

You may be inclined to dismiss this hack as odd since you are probably under the impression that the point is to ingest CBD. Yes, you are correct that the most ideal way to enjoy to effects of CBD is through ingestion.


However, CBD oil can be turned into a vapor and inhaled through the nose. This fact opens up us up to a whole new avenue of possibilities of CBD integration. Such as, adding a few drops of CBD oil into your humidifier and placing it into any room you plan on spending time in.


By adding CBD oil into the water in your humidifier, you are inhaling it while you relax or do things around the house. The oil vapor will be absorbed through the nose, where it will eventually make its way to your lungs.


 Once it enters your lungs, it can be easily transported throughout your body. You can lay on the couch and rest while the CBD oil vapor further assists you in winding down after a long day.


#4 - Add It To Your Shampoo

Again, this may seem like a great CBD based life hack. It’s one thing to add it to your food, but the idea of it CBD in your shampoo and the shower might seem a step too far. However, believe it or not, combining CBD and shampoo has yielded positive results.


Your hair is essential to you, and for some, it defines your look and style. Adding CBD to your shampoo is the perfect opportunity to tend to your hair at the start of every morning.


You may not realize it, but CBD oil is packed with vitamins such as A, D, and E. It also contains a ton of essential fatty acids such as zinc, vitamin-e, iron, magnesium, and phosphate.


These ingredients will do wonders for your hair, including preventing damage, split ends, and improving its overall strength and shine. It will also make your hair easier to brush, improve it’s color, vibrance and help fight off gray hairs.


#5 - Add Into Wax and Make Your Own Candles

Our last life hack is a special treat for our creative readers. If you enjoy long bubble baths and meditation sessions, then you also enjoy scented candles as well.


The one thing baths, meditation, and CBD have in common is they help to calm and relax you. Therefore, it makes sense to infuse CBD oils with the candles you use every day.


The tricky part is that for this to work, you will need to make your own candles. We highly suggest watching a few YouTube videos before trying this at home. Once you feel you are ready to create your own wax, try dropping a few drops of CBD oil in before you mold it into a finished product.


This is a creative and soothing way to enjoy the calming impact of CBD as you meditate and relax.


Learn, Experiment, Discover, and Grow


There is a whole healthy world out there waiting to be discovered. CBD oil is a proven method to reduce pain, stress, and anxiety. It has also been proven to strengthen your joints and improve the health of your hair.


When you find new and exciting ways to integrate CBD in your life, you will see an increase in happiness and a decrease in stress and an overall increase in your quality of life.


If you have a helpful life hack involving CBD, please leave a comment below and start a discussion!