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5 Ways To Naturally Relieve Daily Aches and Pains

5 Ways To Naturally Relieve Daily Aches and Pains

As we get older, we suffer from minor yet annoying aches and pains. Whether it’s a twinge in the knee walking upstairs or tightening of the back after sitting for an extended period, we all suffer from these types of intrusions. While they do generally not prevent us from functioning daily, they can prevent us from enjoying life’s pleasures such as participating in sports, playing with your kids, or enjoying a long walk with a friend.

Unfortunately, the trend in this country states that if you are suffering from anything, it should be treated with a prescription and pills. Depending on the situation, this could be unavoidable. However, for most, the pain relief they seek can be found in alternative methods. Today, we are going to present five natural pain relief solutions that are fast, efficient, and easy to work into your daily routine.


#1 - Stretching and Exercise

It natural that when you are in pain, you want to limit your movements as much as possible. If running or walking hurts, then you going to try to avoid doing it. While you may feel better in the short term, you are actually making things worse for the long term. Your joints and muscles will begin to weaken due to the extended periods of inactivity. This will increase the stress you put on them when you finally do get moving, which in turn produces more pain and discomfort. 

Commit to starting and ending each day with a series of stretches. Explain your pain to your doctor, including exactly what it is and what types of movement cause the pain. Once you receive your recommended stretching routine, commit to starting right away. It is important to remember that when introducing something like stretching, you must start slow. Your body and joints are not used to the increased activity. If you start slow and consistently do these stretches, you will see a significant positive impact over time.


#2 - Practice Better Sleeping Habits

Time and time again, research shows that various health issues can be solved by getting more sleep. This makes a lot of sense considering sleep is meant to heal and restore our bodies after a long day. When you were younger, you could probably function at a high level on just 5-6 hours of sleep a night. As you get older, your body requires more sleep. This change is something that sneaks up on most people. The first sign that you need more rest usually comes at the expense of your health.

The first step is listening to your body when it tells you that you are tired. Chances are if you find yourself fatigued on a regular basis, it is because you are not getting as many hours as sleep as if required for your age. The easiest way to get back an hour or two is to go to be earlier. If you examine your lifestyle, you will most likely find that you stay up later than you should watch TV shows that you could care less about. Second, consider your morning routine and determine all the different ways you could shorten the amount of time you need to get ready in the morning. This should save you another 30-45 minutes as well.

#3 - Change Your Diet

Just like improving your sleep habits, changing your diet could be essential to relieving chronic pain and joint stress. This is another area that can sneak up on you as your age. It is well known that your metabolism slows as you age. The ability to eat anything goes away, and you find yourself putting on weight seemingly overnight. That extra poundage will put new stress on your joints and cause pain and discomfort.

To start, make a list of everything you eat in one day for an entire week. This exercise will allow you to understand the types of foods that you are eating on a regular basis and how they may be causing your weight gain. For example, if you are consuming fast food or processed food multiple times a week, the saturated fats and empty carbs will result in weight gain, which in turn puts stress on your joints. To relieve this stress, commit to making healthier choices daily. By swapping out chips for fruit, and fast food for home-cooked meals, you can quickly drop 5-10 pounds and relieve the nagging pain you have been feeling in your joints.


#4 - Try Acupuncture

Before turning to prescription pain killers, you should exhaust all-natural options. A popular and proven method for pain relief is acupuncture. Thousands of Americans visit acupuncturists on a regular basis with varying degrees of success. This method focuses on pinpointing your pain and stress points and reliving them with a minimally invasive procedure.

The idea of sticking needles in your body might be a bit scary. However, it is worth noting that it is backed with thousands of positive testimonials. Also, acupuncture is regulated by the state you live to ensure it’s safety. Several states require acupuncturists to pass a series of exams and obtain certification before practicing. These facts should put your mind at ease as you consider this solution to your issues.


#5 - Authentic CBD Products

Sometimes, even eating right and getting more sleep might not be enough. You may still be looking for that extra edge. As we mentioned, it is ideal for you to avoid turning to prescription pain killers. Those pills tend to have serious side effects and can become addictive. If you are making serious changes to your lifestyle to be healthier, you owe it to yourself to seek out the type of supplement that is going to help you eliminate your pain once and for all. 

The newest natural relief supplement to hit the market is CBD oil. CBD is a 100% natural solution that is created from hemp leaves.

One of the most unique and most popular CBD oils on the market is the 100mg relief cream made by McHudson Farms. This cream is 100% organic and locally grown in Colorado. This total recovery cream can provide relief for symptoms due to arthritis, chronic pain, inflammation, joint & muscle aches, and physical injuries.

The best part? It can help you without exposing your body to chemicals like some of the over the counter solutions you find at pharmacies.


Go! And Live Your Life, Pain-Free!

No one should have to live life with chronic pain. It is advised and understandable to avoid prescription painkillers due to there dubious history and adverse side effects.

The best natural solutions involve you committing to a more intentional and healthy lifestyle. By making those important changes and introducing a supplement such a CBD cream, you will be on your way to living and pain-free life.