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Best Natural CBD Formula for a Restful Night's Sleep

Best Natural CBD Formula for a Restful Night's Sleep

“It” is sweeping the nation and “it” is now legal in dozens of states. “It” refers to a safe and natural marijuana compound that is being recommended for better health and wellness.

Today, a good portion of the population is not using this compound to get high or alter their mental state. These individuals are finding extraordinary health benefits from a particular part of the marijuana plant, called CBD. CBD does not create the sensation of being high when it is taken.

In fact, many health professionals are excited about the health advantages that CBD can deliver.

But, let’s take a step back for a minute.

The two natural compounds in marijuana are:

  1. CBD(cannabidioL), the non-psychoactive compound that doesn’t produce the “high” sensation
  2. THC(tetrahydrocannabinol), the chemical responsible for marijuana's psychological high effect


The Benefits of CBD

The majority and the best CBD oil is derived directly from the hemp plant, and does not contain any THC. CBD is safe and non-addictive.  This was confirmed by the reputable World Health Organization statement that says “CBD exhibits no effects indicative of any abuse or dependence potential.”


Now scientists are beginning to uncover the promising benefits of CBD as a source for natural wellness. 

  • The most convincing support came in 2018 when, after researching the safety and effectiveness of CBD oil, the FDA approved it for treating epilepsy
  • CBD appears to promote sleep and reduce the problems of insomnia


Although there may be a wide range of opinions on how CBD can provide health benefits, some of the best research demonstrates that CBD can help support natural relaxation and provide a good night’s sleep.

If you are having trouble sleeping and find it difficult to get enough rest, you are not alone. Statistics show that Americans are not getting the proper amount of sleep and the problem is getting worse.

  • The most recent data reveals that 50-70 million US adults have a sleep disorder
  • Forty-five percent of Americans say that poor sleep affects their daily activities
  • Sixty-seven percent of those with bad sleep experiences also report they have “poor” or “only fair” health 

It is clear then, that getting appropriate hours of sleep has a direct effect on health.


CBD for Sleep

Taking sleeping pills and other medications only mask the problem of sleeplessness.  Plus, many products have negative side effects and can leave you feeling tired in the morning.

In an attempt to find natural methods to help people get a restful night, researchers examined the effects of CBD on the sleep cycle. The results were extremely impressive. After just one  month:

  • more than 66 percent of participants who took CBD reported better sleep
  • over 70 percent reported lower anxiety levels

These promising results inspired healthcare experts to explore how CBD might benefit sleep in other ways besides CBD oil for stress and relaxation.



Discomfort, Sleep, and CBD

Sometimes a bad night’s sleep is not due to anxiety, but rather to physical discomfort like throbbing and soreness.

Aches and pains can keep us awake at night, causing restlessness and other sleep problems. CBD may be able to help these symptoms and reduce the physical discomfort that is keeping you awake.

There is positive evidence from very current research that using CBD is beneficial for the treatment of chronic and ongoing pain. The authors believe that by reducing chronic pain, CBD can improve sleep.

The dosage of CBD you use, and the time you take it, will depend on a number of factors. Your weight, personal body chemistry, and the nature of your sleeping troubles will affect how the CBD works. What is great for some people might not work for others. It’s best to start with a low dosage and gradually increase as you find the optimal levels for your needs.


How to use CBD for Sleep

There are a several ways to take CBD. It comes in a variety of different forms, including:

  • CBD oil in tinctures (using a dropper to take orally)
  • pills and capsules
  • cream
  • gummies, and other edibles


You may wonder about the best delivery system for you. The truth is that the choice of CBD oil versus CBD cream or other products comes down to what you need it for and which method works best for you. You want to choose the most simple and convenient method to sure you will use CBD daily.

But beware! Both oral drops of CBD oil and CBD creams can have unwanted issues such as an unpleasant after taste or a greasy feeling on the skin.


Have you considered CBD Gummies?  You should!


Are CBD Gummies Good for You?

When choosing a delivery system for supplements, there is almost an endless variety available on the market. But one of the more popular ways is in easy-to-use chewable form that tastes good, and CBD Gummies for sleep are a great option.  Here’s why:


  1. Simple to Consume.A national survey revealed that over 40% of adults said they had problems swallowing pills, even though most did not have any issues in swallowing food or liquid.Gummies provide an ideal solution for people who cannot, or prefer not to, swallow capsules or tablets and do not like the feel of CBD oil in their mouths.


  1. Long-Lasting.Taking CBD before bedtime as a gummy might help you sleep longer. That’s because a gummy will release the CBD into the body slowly.You may need to be a little patient because it may take about a month to see noticeable differences in your sleep patterns, but you’ll be pleased with the results.


  1. Gummy products are well-liked because they are so convenient. They can easily be stored at home or put in a suitcase, backpack or purse for a busy lifestyle or travel. This means you don’t have to miss a restful nights’ sleep just because you are on vacation or away from home.


CBD Plus Melatonin for Optimum Sleep

But there is another nutrient that you should consider for optimal sleep. If you have been searching for natural alternatives to help you sleep, then you’ve likely heard of Melatonin.  

Our bodies naturally make Melatonin which is the hormone that tells your body when it is time to head to off bed. Melatonin levels start to rise in your body when it is dark outside, signaling to your body that it is time to sleep.

Evidence shows that taking melatonin before bed can help you get to sleep and may actually give you a better quality of sleep

Countless research studies show that Melatonin plays a crucial role in promoting rest and helps control our sleep/wake cycle. And many people have learned that melatonin can help with jet lag by syncing your internal clock with the time change.

It is rare to find the combination of CBD and Melatonin, especially in a form that is easy and fun to take every night. 

However, if you can find a clinically-tested & well-reviewed product with both - it may be your natural answer to a long, peaceful night of sleep.