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CBD Helping Seniors: 5 Reasons the Elderly Love CBD

You’ve worked hard your entire life. You paid your dues, saved your money, and are now ready for retirement. You deserve to live a life without work. This is a time to enjoy things such as golfing, going on vacation, and spending time with your grandkids. However, along with retirement, old age can bring several negative changes with it as well.


Seniors often have to endure side effects of aging, such as joint paint, moodiness, trouble getting around, and the inability to get a good night’s sleep.


 Retirement is no fun if you are limited in where you can go and what you can do. Of course, they make various medicines to combat these issues, but they come with there own side effects.


Honestly, who wants to have to remember which pills to take on which days. Luckily, the growth of CBD oil-based products has provided seniors with an alternative option. Here are five ways that CBD oil can help seniors enjoy their retirement.


#1 - Reduce Joint Paint

Joint pain can impact every aspect of your life. In can limit your ability to move around, exercise, and play with your grandkids. Joint pain can get so severe that you don’t even want to move around. The last thing you want in retirement is to get stuck in the house when you could be outside enjoying your life.


One of the many benefits CBD provides is pain relief. CBD can significantly decrease reduce pain and stiffness. For these types of results, it is best to apply a CBD based topical cream.

CBD cream can be bought online or over the counter and easily used in the morning and evening.


To maximize the impact of the cream, apply it after taking a hot shower when your pores are open and can absorb it quickly. This is an easy solution that can be seamlessly integrated into your daily routine and does not require you to take yet another pill.


#2 - Increase Appetite

As you get older, you have an increased chance of losing your once robust appetite. Despite wanting to eat, you just are not hungry and end up skipping meals. This is a dangerous habit to pick up. It can result in serve weight loss and a lack of proper nutrition. It also can impact your ability to enjoy a meal out with family and friends.


As we mentioned before, retirement is a time to enjoy life and try new things. It is not a time to be unable to perform essential functions such as eating your meals.


CBD has been known to boost your appetite when added to your food or drink. When consumed, it can help eliminate you nauseous and calm down both your digestive tract and nervous system. Once this occurs, your appetite will return, and you will feel like eating again. We suggest starting your day by adding a few drops of CBD oil to your morning coffee, tea, or shake. This will ensure it will help increase your appetite in the morning and feel better throughout the day.


#3 - Eliminate Moodiness

With all the adverse side effects of aging, it can be pretty easy to develop moodiness. If you’re in pain, unable to eat, and tired all of the time, then you are going to end up being grouchy and irritable.


Feeling like this will prevent you from enjoying life the way you should. It also has a negative impact on your spouse and family. They are not going to want to spend time around someone who is grumpy all the time.


The number one concern new consumers have around CBD is whether or not it produces a mind-altering state similar to marijuana. You can rest easy knowing that it is THC, not CBD, that provides the high like feeling you are worried about.


CBD releases a calm, relaxing feeling throughout your body. This helps eliminate your moodiness and reducing your stress and anxiety.


#4 - Get More Sleep

If you are going to enjoy retirement, you are going to need lots of energy. You may not be waking up early to commute to work anymore, but you still want to be able to partake in various activities throughout the day. Sleep is vital for people of all ages.


It is common knowledge that a good night’s sleep helps your body repair itself for the following day. The older you get, the more important sleep becomes.


Start by applying CBD topical cream to your joints each night. Not only do you get the added benefits of join pain relief, but you are allowing the CBD to absorb into your body as you sleep. Then, add a few drops of CBD oil to your humidifier. This will spread the CBD into the air you inhale throughout the night.


The CBD will be inhaled through your nasal pages and into your bloodstream.


#5 - Improve Memory

Lastly, CBD has been known to improve your memory and fight off the devastating effects of Alzheimer’s. Recent studies have shown CBD has been shown to reduce or remove the impact of inflammation, oxygen buildup, and brain cell decline.


This is crucial because inflammation has been known to increase the effects of Alzheimer’s. Obviously, when it comes to this severe disease, you should consult a doctor and take whatever medicines he prescribes. However, CBD can supplement those medicines and help further improve your memory.


If Alzheimer’s runs in your family or you feel you are a higher risk of developing it, you can be to work CBD in the various parts of your life. You can examine your daily routine and find multiple ways to integrate CBD products into them.


You can start by infusing your shampoo with CBD, so you consume it first thing int the morning. You can also drop it into your food and drinks throughout the day. You should consult with a doctor regarding how much CBD to consume in one day.


Caring for the Elderly with CBD


You deserve to enjoy every minute of retirement. You should not have to compromise your life because of pain, anxiety, or discomfort of any kind. You should also not be forced to take multiple pills every morning and be subjected to unpleasant side effects.


CBD oil allows you to control the aches and pains, and helps you age gracefully. It is a natural solution to most of your aging problems. CBD oil will let you enjoy retirement on your terms with completely natural and soothing relief.


Do you or someone you know use CBD? Let us know in the comments below and start up a discussion!