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About Us

We Are Organic
We Are Locally-Grown
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McHudson Farms

Our CBD family started with just five friends who shared the same dream - to deliver the healing, rejuvenating, and refreshing benefits of high-quality CBD to anyone in need.

Our small team, made up of an agricultural engineer, a retired physical therapist, a dietician, and two health & wellness writers, began growing organic hemp in the nutritious soil of Colorado.

We Put People Over Profits

Even when we started out, over 17 years ago, we already had the strictest health and safety standards in place.

The boring stuff to our customers, like Mircrobial Screening, Terpene Analysis, Full Spectrum Cannabinoid Profiling, and Pesticide Testing, were the pillars of our formula even if they cost us a little more.

Delivering Real Results with CBD

We put our products through this rigorous process because we know that a high-quality CBD product, made correctly, can have tremendous benefits.

From sleeplessness to panic attacks, depression to chronic pain, osteoarthritis to migraines, muscle soreness, skin health, certain brain diseases, and everything in between. From something as common as acne, to something as serious as cancer, we believe in the total wellness power of potent and expertly crafted CBD.

In order to see these results, however, the entire process from planting the right seed in the right soil to choosing the best FDA-approved laboratory, has to be perfect.

McHudson Farms can safely say they deliver the best products, because we know we’re doing everything right. And we have been for almost two decades.

High Standards for Optimal Wellness

Over the last 17 years our team has grown from 5 passionate individuals to over 60 just-as-passionate individuals. Each member of our family works together with the same mission: Our Customers Deserve the Best, So Give Them the Best.

That mission statement is not just about the products we offer, but extends to every aspect of our company. Customer service, satisfaction guarantees, reliable shipping, and fair prices. 

Staying True to Our Roots

No matter how big McHudson Farms gets, we will always be a small-batch, locally grown, ethically responsible company.

We have no stock holders to make happy with increased profits, we have no CEO’s making 300x the salary of our farmers. The only thing we are concerned about, is the health and happiness of our customer and our team.

So while our family may get larger, our modest goal of total health and wellness will always stay the same.

Quality CBD for Every American

Every person walks a different path, and each path comes with its own challenges.

Our team continues to craft new solutions for the problems we all face. If you can’t sleep at night, we have our night time gummies to provide a full, restful night. If you have a bad knee that swells up just walking across the room, we made our CBD pain relief cream just for you.

We continue to innovate, create, and deliver powerful CBD solutions for every man and woman across the country.

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