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Trustworthy CBD

McHudson Farms: the Highest of Standards

Here at McHudson farms, we are committed to growing and offering the cleanest organic hemp products you can find. We have optimized our small Colorado farm using our own custom hemp fertilizer, free of pesticides and contaminants.

Instead of using harmful pesticides, we integrate bees and ladybugs to help us control pests like moths and caterpillars. Using sustainable farming practices, like herd grazing and controlled ecosystem balance, we can offer perfect growing conditions for our hemp.

Testing and Analysis

Each batch of McHudson Farm’s CBD Oil is tested multiple times before it is sold to the public. And for unbiased testing, every harvested batch is sent to a third-party lab to get tested for purity and safety.

You can read our Certificate of Analysis Here. 


Only after the batch meets our highest standards, do we offer it to our customers.

THC Levels in McHudson Farms CBD

It is federally mandated that any legal CBD product must contain less than 0.3% THC by dry weight. But just like the rest of our manufacturing standards, we beat that number by about 2.9%.

Trace amounts of THC are virtually unavoidable in hemp-based products, but with our extraction technique we can constantly keep THC levels below 0.01%, leaving our customers with nothing but calming effects of clean CBD Oil.